What is Postpartum Care?

Postpartum care is the study and practice of maternal and child health after childbirth. Postpartum period begins immediately following the birth of a baby and lasts about six weeks. Postpartum care in Mount Pleasant includes monitoring heath, nutrition, caring for newborn babies, or attending to anyone who has had recent surgery. The World Health Organization recommends at least four postpartum visits.

The postpartum phase can be divided into the following distinct time periods. Each time period has specific signs and symptoms, along with diagnostic procedures and therapeutic management options. Postpartum care also includes a number of non-medical responsibilities which typically last about six weeks for normal vaginal deliveries, and 12 weeks for complicated deliveries.

Postpartum care in Mount Pleasant

Postpartum services are also a preventative health measure to optimize maternal and newborn health before hospital discharge. Postpartum visits help mothers become familiar with new infant behaviors, such as breastfeeding or handling the baby correctly, so that they can identify problems early and seek professional advice/treatment when needed. They can increase family members’ awareness of the potential for postpartum mood disorders, so that they take action to reduce high-risk situations.

The first postpartum visit is usually scheduled for 1–2 days after the delivery, as it is considered an important time to begin medical transition from childbirth. Early contact with a midwife or obstetrician at this time helps ensure that any complications are promptly identified and treated. The initial postnatal assessment should include newborn evaluation, urine or blood tests for the mother, discuss breastfeeding and family planning.

Good postpartum care can be really helpful and organizing the details of this can help both mother and child. Work with a medical professional to ensure that you and your little one get the necessary care for your purposes, and you’ll find that the process goes more smoothly.